Organic Body Care

Whipped Aloe Shea Body Butter

Whipped Shea Aloe Body Butter

I created massage lotions and body butters in 2011 for my clients. I loved the slip my products provided while massaging and they enjoyed how hydrated their skin became!

I continued studying, gained more knowledge and clients along the way, so I decided this was a lovely way of integrating a body care business with my massage therapy work. 

Products are made to order

4 Oz. $10.00 + tax & shipping

Be Prepared for soaps, lotions and body scrubs

The Holidays are approaching, subscribe to my newsletter to stay in the know about certain butters and how they affect the skin. Currently, I'm awaiting turmeric shea butter, various scrubs, which I make using Dead Sea Salts! 


Melissa: OMG, Veronica! I just put your Whipped Aloe Shea Body Butter on my eldest, and it melted right into his skin! It wasn't heavy or sticky like other ointments I've used on him! 

Big News

I'll be running a few specials for the holiday

eCommerce Site Coming Soon

I'm currently working on my eCommerce store and will launch in the coming weeks!!